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2011 Titans Week One Starting QB: Kerry Collins?

Did you cringe a little bit at that headline? Yeah you did. 

If it comes to be, you can blame it on the lockout. Now that both sides of the labor dispute are gearing up towards a long-term stalemate that's sure to go right until the last possible minute, the timeframe for getting a new signal caller ready to play is going to be maddeningly short. So not only would we need a savvy guy who can pick-up a system and build rhythm with the WRs quickly, we'd need someone who is open to signing a one or two-year contract (which rules out a Palmer, Bulger or Kolb). Combine those parameters with the fact that the list of possible replacements for Collins is headlined by Matt Hasselbeck and Kyle Orton

All of the sudden Collins doesn't look like the worst option in the world, does he?

I don't think for a second that Munchak and Palmer are going to run Locker out there on day one, especially as this lockout extends into training camp. Locker would be hopelessly unprepared. Collins has some of the tools Palmer looks for, and, since Collins has bounced around from starter to back-up, he's thrown passes to the top and bottom of the WR depth chart.

Collins is not a great option, but he might be the best option we have through the first half of next season. After Collins takes his lumps and Locker gets a chance to getting used to the NFL life, I'd expect to see the young gun takeover before the season ends.