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Chris Palmer Uses the Lockout to Study Jake Locker Film

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John Glennon has an article in the Tennessean today about what the Titans coaching staff is doing during the lockout. The article mentions they have spent a lot of time together gelling as a staff, and they have even gone through a dry run of the game plan against the Jaguars in week one.

Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer has spent a lot of his time studying film of Jake Locker at Washington according to Glennon:

"People say, ‘What are you doing (during the lockout)?’ Well, I’ve watched more film on Jake Locker after the draft than I did before the draft," Palmer said. "I know he throws well on the run from our pre-draft evaluation, but as I’m looking at film from 2009, there were some (other) throws he made that I thought would fit in pretty good with us."
I am not sure how much that will play into what kind of plays Palmer draws up for Locker, but it is the first thing that I have read that could actually be a positive thing for the Titans.