Hard Knocks???

Well this is going to be pretty short and simple. The Lions, Bucs and Broncos have all turned down HBO's Hard Knocks series. The Falcons GM wants to the Falcons to be the team this year for Hard Knocks, but would that really be a good choice? Update: Falcons have turned down Hard Knocks. I would like for the Titans to get the chance of being the Hard Knocks team. This year it would be so important, its the first time in 16 years that Jeff Fisher wont be on the sideline. We have are new Franchise QB in Jake Locker. Now there are always draw backs to have Hard Knocks is that there are cameras around at all times and as was seen last year with the Jets everything and anything is heard and will be put out in the media. It could be a good thing for the team but it could also be a bad thing. This is a young team and having the cameras around could cause problems. Same goes with the new coaching staff, they will all be under that national spot light and in their first year. I live in an area where your either a Bear, Packer, Colt or Ram fan so if there is ever a chance to see more of my favorite team then I'm all for it. What do you think?

Do you think that Hard Knocks should just cancel this season because of the Lockout? Nobody knows when it will end. When it does end, there may only be a couple weeks before the season starts, so kinda pointless. With 4 teams turning them down and 5 others already have been on the show Titans chances are 1 in 23 to get offered the spot.

Hard Knock Team History

2001 Ravens finished 10-6 wild card team losing in the AFC Divisional round.

2002 Cowboys finished 5-11 last in the NFC East.

2007 Chiefs finished 4-12 third in the AFC West.

2008 Cowboys finished 9-7 third in the NFC East.

2009 Bengals finished 10-6 AFC North Champs losing in the the AFC Wild Card game.

2010 Jets finished the season 10-6 wild card team losing in the AFC Title game.