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2011 Titans Draft Picks: Jake Locker Talks about Hard Work On and Off the Field

The thing that has won me over about Jake Locker since his name was called by Roger Goodell as the 8th pick in the NFL Draft has been reading about his work ethic.  I have no doubt that Jake Locker is going to put in the work that is needed to become a successful NFL QB.  That is going to be a breath of fresh air coming off of the Vince Young era here in Tennessee.

Locker joined Ryan Russillo of ESPN Radio and this to say about what he thought it was going to take to be successful at the NFL level:

What he has to do to be ready for the next level:

"I think coming in and the mental aspect as much as the physical. Hard work doesn’t apply to just coming in and making sure you’re working hard in the weight room and on the field, but making sure you’re spending time in the film room with the playbook and really understanding what you’re doing mentally because I think that what you’re asked to do at this level mentally is a lot more. Being able to master that and be really comfortable with that is going to be one of the biggest parts of the puzzle I believe."

Locker gets it.