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What Needs Will the Titans Address in Free Agency?

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At some point there will be a free agency period in the NFL for teams to address any needs they weren't able to take care of in last weekend's draft.  The Titans will obviously be looking to add a free agent quarterback.  The longer the lockout goes the greater the chances are that Kerry Collins is that guy.  While he doesn't have familiarity with Chris Palmer's system, he does have familiarity with Mike Munchak and the players on the team.  Mike Reinfeldt would probably like to make a run at Matt Hasselbeck, and he is a better option in 2011, but he won't be if he only has two weeks to get ready for the Titans.

The only other place on offense the Titans will need to add a player in free agency is at tight end.  Bo Scaife is gone.  That only leaves Jared Cook and Craig Stevens on the roster.  Cook really came on at the end of 2010, but he isn't ever going to set the world on fire as a blocker.  I would expect them to bring in a tight end that is more of a blocker than a pass catcher.

They will also need to add some depth in the defensive line rotation.  As John Glennon mentions in his article this morning about the Titans and free agency, the plan for Jason Jones in 2011 is unclear.  Jerry Gray has said that he wants to get bigger on the defensive line and moving Jones outside would accomplish that goal, but it would also leave a hole at defensive tackle.  There is no reason to believe that Tony Brown will be able to get his knee right.  That means the Titans are left with Sen'Derrick Marks, Jovan Haye, Marques Douglas and Malcolm Sheppard at DT without the rookies.  My guess is that they would like to not have to pay Haye the money he is owed, so they will be looking for a cheap rotation alternative.

The safety position will also need a look.  Chris Hope is another guy that I think the Titans would like to get off their books.  They drafted Robert Johnson and Myron Rolle last year.  Whether or not they target a safety in free agency will depend on how they feel about the ability of those guys.  The best case scenario would be for one of them to take Hope's spot, but neither of them have showed anything to this point to say that they are ready.

Of course all of this is moot while we wait for the court battle to play out.  I still really don't understand why the two sides won't lock themselves in a room and not come out until a deal is done.