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Add John Clayton to the Jake Locker Fanboy Group

ESPN's John Clayton was emailed this question about Jake Locker recently:

Do you think Jake Locker has a legitimate chance to be our franchise guy? He's the anti-Vince and has a fire that reminds me a lot of Steve Young. Accuracy issues? C'mon man. Fixable.

Here was Clayton's answer:

If you're patient, Locker has a chance to be the Titans' franchise quarterback. He's a great athlete, a hard worker and a natural leader. He needs time to work through his issues with inaccuracy along with trying to learn to process the decision-making required of NFL quarterbacks. The key is for offensive coordinator Chris Palmer not to rush his development. By relying on the running offense, the Titans can buy Locker some time.

One of the more interesting things to watch whenever we get football back is going to be the development of Jake Locker. Pretty much everyone says that Locker needs some time to sit and learn before he is thrown into the fire, and it will be interesting to see if that is the approach Mike Munchak and Chris Palmer take with Locker. I just hope that Locker has already been given a checklist of mechanical things to be working on during the lockout so that he is already a little ahead when he can actually work with the Titans' staff.