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ESPN Ranks the AFC South Tight Ends

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Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. is going through division by division and ranking the position groups for each team. Back in March he did a ranking for AFC South tight ends (In$ider). He had the Titans last, but says they could easily top the group in a year because of the potential of Jared Cook:

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Titans could top this list one year from now. That is how much ability Jared Cook has. But for now, I have to put them firmly at the end, considering how strong this position is in the AFC South. At this stage of his development, Cook is purely a receiver. But he has rare abilities for a tight end. Comparing him physically to Jermichael Finley is probably unfair, but Cook isn't too far off that steep comparison. His movement skills are superb. Craig Stevens is a blocker, and a pretty good one at that. Bo Scaife is likely to be gone, so adding one more body here makes some sense. Scaife won't be a big loss. In fact, he should have given way to Cook much sooner last year.

I don't know how to feel about Cook. Every person that watches him play raves about his potential, but he hasn't been able to get on the field much yet. Part of me believes that is because of Jeff Fisher and how stubborn he was with the line-up, but I am not 100% convinces that was the problem.

I just keep holding out hope that this coaching staff can help him realize all of that potential.