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Music City Miracles Interviews OT Byron Stingily

Michelle Hutchins/AP
Michelle Hutchins/AP

I had the pleasure of asking Tennessee Titans fifth round draft pick, offensive tackle Byron Stingily some questions. A huge thanks to Byron for doing this! Here we go...

What were you feeling when you were drafted by the Titans? What was going through your head?

It's a feeling I cant even explain. It was the most stressed out I've ever been. When I got the call, it felt like the biggest weight off my shoulders.

What can you tell Titans fans who might not be familiar with you about yourself?

I'm a physical player that likes to make holes for my running back. Also, I'm new to the game and have a lot to learn.

What inspired you to play on the offensive line?

I always played on the D-line and thought I was pretty good at it until my junior college coach told me I would be a better O-line man. It's worked out since.

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Sports Illustrated mentioned you may be the biggest sleeper in this draft. Thoughts?

I think I can compete with the best, but I'm a sleeper because a lot of people dont know about me...But it was pretty cool to get recognition from SI.

You're going to be coached by two Hall of Fame offensive linemen in Bruce Matthews and Mike Munchak. 

I think its the best situation I could be put in. I have a lot to learn and what's a better way to learn than from two Hall of Famers?

How has Charlie Strong prepared you for the NFL?

The preparation. He runs a very pro style system. Outside of football he expect you to handle your business and to be very disciplined with anything you do in life, which relates to football.

You worked out with former Titan Brad Hopkins over at D1. 

He was the best. Me and him got real close. Funny guy. He helped me a lot with my footwork and punches. Real detailed guy. He showed me all the ins and out that comes with playing the game.

Do you have any other ties to the Titans or to the Nashville area in general?

Other than training at D1, not yet.

How eager are you to get back to work once this lockout ends?

I cant wait. I've been working out at school, but I'm ready to get in the system and learn. I'm excited because I just don't know what to expect. I think Tennessee is a great place to be, and I'm not far from home for my family to come see me.

Thanks again!