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NFL Power Rankings: The Titans 31st is Absurd

I understand that the Titans don't have a proven QB on the roster, but having them ranked 31st in the "expert consensus" NFL power rankings at is just silly. When doing those things they should assume that a veteran quarterback that is at least competent will be added to the roster at some point. That makes the Titans better than the Cardinals, Bills and Redskins for sure.

Speaking of the Redskins, what makes anyone think they are going to be any good? They aren't any better at quarterback than the Titans are if you assume that Donovan McNabb isn't going to be back there, and they don't have any skill guys that even come close to Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt.

I think this tells us that it is pretty stupid to try and put together power rankings during a lockout when teams haven't been able to make the moves they need to make- but then again, what else are we going to talk about?