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SB Nation 2012 NFL Mock Draft

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You want to know what is even more ridiculous than grading a draft class the day after the draft is over? Looking at a 2012 NFL mock draft on the first day of May in 2011, but that is exactly what we are about to do. There are a million different variables that go into who gets picked where in a draft, but I do believe one thing is for certain about the 2012 NFL Draft- Andrew Luck is going to be the first pick (of course the same thing was probably said about Jake Locker this time last year). The only real question is going to be who gets him.

Brian Galliford of SB Nation put together a 2012 mock last night, and I guess you could say Mr. Galliford doesn't have high hopes for the 2011 version of your Tennessee Titans. He has them with the 4th overall pick. I do like who he selected for them- Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina. That dude is a stud.

Here is what Brian had to say about the pick:

Jake Locker is Tennessee's future. If it's going to be a pleasant future, he'll need more offensive weaponry. Jeffery is very gifted.