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2011 NFL Draft: Titans Potential Trade Partners at the End of the First Round

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post wrote an article earlier today identifying teams at the end of the first round that might be willing to trade back with a team looking for a quarterback.  Obviously the teams he talked about don't need a quarterback and would only be willing to trade back if there wasn't a player available that fit their needs or there were multiple players available that had similar value on their draft board.

This to me is one of the more interesting story lines of this draft.  A lot of what happens will depend on where the third quarterback is picked, whoever he ends up being.  Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert are going in the top 5.  The next quarterback could go 8 (Titans), 10 (Redskins), 12 (Vikings) or 16 (Jaguars) or maybe not until the Seahawks pick at 25.  The third guy starts the ball moving, but the 4th guy starts the panic in my opinion.

I said it earlier today, and I will say it again- The Titans should overpay to get their guy if need be.  They cannot afford to just sit at 39 and draft on the prayer that they can develop a Colin Kaepernick, unless of course he is the guy they have targeted.