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2011 NFL Draft: What Happens If There is a Run on QBs?

This is a question and answer from Paul Kuharksy's chat yesterday that I found interesting:

Q: With so many QB-needy teams looking for their next franchise guy, do you think there will be any "franchise" caliber QB's when the Titans pick at 39?

A: Depends if you think the second-tier guys are franchise caliber. Top of my head, teams that have to have a QB: Carolina, Tennessee, Minnesota, Washington, Arizona, San Francisco. Probably get one: Seattle and Jacksonville. That's seven besides Titans. Worst the Titans could do then is probably eighth guy. Does the eighth guy in this class have a chance to be good? Yes.

Is that true? What happens to the Titans if Blaine Gabbert, Cam Newton, Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, Jake Locker and Andy Dalton are off the board when the pick comes up at 39? Is Colin Kaepernick worth that pick? Can the Titans afford to not take Kaepernick? Those are all questions that I have thought about over the past couple of days, and you will find out why next week.

Here is my take on that answer: The Titans cannot afford to wait for QB #6. If they don't feel like their guy, whoever the decide that is, is going to be there at 39 they absolutely have to trade up to get him- even if it means they have to give more than a chart says the pick is worth.

If they decide there isn't a franchise QB available at 39, they should just take the player that they have rated the highest on their board. No sense in wasting that pick on a guy that they don't think is the answer to their problem just because they need a quarterback. You can find just any guy whenever free agency opens.