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MCM Radio Is Born Anew


Here yee here yee Hello friends (/Jim Nantz'd), the format for MCM Radio has changed thanks to Blog Talk Radio now demanding an arm, a leg and Matt Schaub's first born. We got the first two easily (I know a guy. Don't ask.), but it turns out that to create a kid you need balls, so Schaub is no help there.

So, in the sprit of Thorchak we decided to throw down the hammer and get this done ourselves. You can get the newly revamped MCM Radio here

Now, this is a bit of a learning process. It's free to download, or you can play it in your web browser. I'm also working on getting it into iTunes quickly. We're still perfecting the production side of it, so please forgive any stay noises, etc. I'll also admit to being a bit sick today, as I'm sure you'll be able to tell. That being said, doing the podcast this way will allow is to do them a little more often and at whatever length is natural. We hope you enjoy, and we hope you keep listening!