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Todd McShay Three Round NFL Mock Draft

It is apparently three round mock draft day in Bristol because, just like Mel Kiper earlier, Todd McShay has come out with one (In$ider). We looked at McShay's top 8 picks this morning (Nick Fairley to the Titans), but now we see that McShay too has the Titans taking Ryan Mallett in the second round. It is interesting to me that both guys have Andy Dalton going 35th to the Bengals. We have talked a lot about Dalton at 39, but it seems that his stock has risen so much that he might not be there.

McShay has the Titans taking Texas CB Curtis Brown in the third round which makes absolutely no sense. The only way the Titans are taking a corner in the first three rounds is if Patrick Peterson falls to them in the first. They have so many higher needs with that third round pick than another average corner.

Here, again, are McShay's thoughts on the match of Fairley and the Titans:

The Titans picked offensive skill players in the first round in 2008 and 2009 (RB Chris Johnson, WR Kenny Britt), but this year could mark a second straight defensive lineman in the first round after Tennessee took DE Derrick Morgan in 2010. Fairley is the most naturally gifted interior pass rusher in this class he has a lot of upside, but the Titans need to decide if they are willing to take a chance on a player who could be a perennial Pro Bowler or turn into the next big DT bust thanks to questionable work ethic and football character.