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2011 NFL Draft: Nathan Enderle Has Visited Tennessee Titans

Jim Wyatt tweeted this morning that the Titans have hosted Idaho QB Nathan Enderle at Baptist Sports Park at some point in the last few weeks.  The only way it is acceptable for the Titans to walk away from this draft with Enderle as their only quarterback is if they are truly embracing "Suck for Luck" as their 2011 motto.  Enderle played one game against top competition in 2010, at Nebraska, and he threw 5 interceptions.  Five. 

To be honest, his numbers in games against the teams in his conference weren't even that good.  Last year as a senior he threw for 3,314 yards with 22 TDs and 16 INTs.

Here is what one scouting report has to say about him:

Enderle's 6-5, 233 pound frame is what makes him a quality late round quarterback. However, 6-5 appears to be a little generous and 6-4 is probably more accurate, but either way Enderle has the size and experience to step into an NFL team and be a quality third quarterback right away.

Pretty sure the Titans already have that guy on their roster in Smith, Rusty.

This is probably just a case of the Titans doing their due diligence.