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Nick Fairley Visits the Tennessee Titans Today; Marcell Dareus Tomorrow

Jim Wyatt also lets us know that Nick Fairley was at Baptist Sports Park today visiting the Tennessee Titans, and that Marcell Dareus will be here tomorrow.  It is no surprise that the Titans are talking to both of these guys as they would probably be thrilled to end up with either of them in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Again, it is so funny to me that when we started looking a mock drafts a lot of them had Dareus going to the Titans and Fairley being the first overall pick.  Now most people think Dareus doesn't make it past the Denver Broncos at two and that Fairley ends up with the Titans at 8.

I have said before that I prefer Dareus of the two because I feel like he is the more sure thing.  Fairley might end up better than Dareus, but there is no way, in my humble Bama fan opinion, that Dareus ends up being a bust.  Fairley very well could.