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Blaine Gabbert To Visit the Tennessee Titans

Jim Wyatt tweeted earlier today that Blaine Gabbert will also be visiting with the Tennessee Titans sometime in the middle of this month. The Titans are certainly doing their due diligence when it comes to the quarterback position. I don't see any shot that Gabbert is still on the board when the Titans pick, but it can't hurt to bring him in just in case he is. They probably also would like to get a feel for how he stacks up mentally and physically against the other guys that will be coming in for a visit.

I know this news has SuperHorn so excited that he can hardly stand it considering how big of a Blaine Gabbert fan he is.  Also, keep in mind that who teams do and don't bring in for a visit really doesn't mean anything.  They are just as likely to draft someone they never brought in for a visit as they are someone they did.  Plus the Titans are talking to just about every eligible quarterback in this draft.