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Da'Quan Bowers to Visit the Tennessee Titans on Wednesday

Da'Quan Bowers slated to visit with #Titans in Nashville on Wednesday. Big day for team medical personnel.less than a minute ago via web

Paul Kuharsky is reporting that Da'Quan Bowers is scheduled to visit with the Titans on Wednesday.  As PK says there, this will be as much about checking out the knee as it is his on the field ability.  The injury is the only question anyone has had about Bowers during this whole draft season.  There is no doubt that he is the most talented defensive end in this draft, but the questions linger about his surgically repaired knee.

It would be something to see Derrick Morgan lined down at one end and Bowers at the other, but I don't see the Titans spending the 8th pick on Bowers unless they are sure he is completely healthy.