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SB Nation Mothership Mock Draft: Titans Take Nick Fairley (Again)

The Titans taking Nick Fairley in mock drafts is becoming so common that there is no way that it will actually happen when draft day rolls around.  Brian Galliford of the SB Nation mothership put out a new mock today that has the Titans taking Fariley:

Once considered an option at No. 1 overall, character concerns have caused Fairley to slide in most projections. He is far too talented, and far too dominant on tape, to last past Tennessee, who are desperately in need of an impact defensive lineman.

There are a lot of things about the Fairley pick that I hate, even though I picked him in the Bloggers mock, but I am not sure what other direction the Titans could go if the top 7 plays out like it did in Gallifords mock:

1. Cam Newton
2. Marcell Dareus
3. Von Miller
4. Blaine Gabbert
5. Patrick Peterson
6. A.J. Green
7. Prince Amukamara

Of course I would be in favor of the Titans taking Julio Jones, but I just really don't think they would do that. Any thoughts on who else the Titans should take if it plays out like this?