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2011 NFL Draft: Tennessee Titans Select Clemson RB Jamie Harper

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The Titans finished out the fourth round with the selection of Jamie Harper, a big, powerful running back from Clemson. Harper, who has elite size and inside running ability, is evidently the Titans' effort to utilize a two back system this year. Harper lacks tons of experience and had only one season with 100+ carries, but he was sitting behind C.J. Spiller, a top draft pick last season, and James Davis, a sixth rounder.

I think the reason that Tennessee pulled the trigger here is that they simply fell in love with Harper's potential and upside. He was a top recruit coming out of high school but fell into an unfavorable situation with that stacked backfield at Clemson. However, in his one full season, he only averaged about 4 yards a carry, so the lack of production is somewhat concerning. 

This pick screams one thing to me: the days of Fisherball seem to be over, the run-run-pass is a thing of the past. This offense is going to be much more creative and complex this year. Harper brings with him tons of versatility; he can block, catch the ball out of the backfield, and of course, he can run. His upside is enormous. The size/speed combo that he brings to this offense is exciting and if he maxes out on his potential he could really be a workhorse. At worst I see a decent situational player and a solid short-yardage back.