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Tennessee Titans 2011 NFL Draft Picks Today

The Tennessee Titans still have six picks in the 2011 NFL Draft.  Their first pick this morning is pick #109 (the 12th pick in the 4th round).  They also have a compensatory pick in the 4th round (#130).  Then they have picks #142, #175, #212, and #251.  The draft starts at 11 AM central today.

As I said last night, I really like what the Titans have done in this draft so far.  The 2011 draft has been a lot different than any other because teams are drafting more for need after not being able to fill holes in free agency.  The Titans seem to have addressed needs while not reaching for players.  Some people feel they reached for Jake Locker, but he was the guy they wanted.  Second round pick Akeem Ayers was graded as a first rounder by most people, including the Titans.  Jurrell Casey looks to be a good third round value.

Today I expect them to add some depth on defense but don't be surprised to see them target Luke Stocker with that first pick.  I am also hearing that they will target a running back at some point in the final four rounds.

The open draft thread will post at 10:30 central.