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Titans Third Round Pick Jurrell Casey Has "Nasty Explosiveness"

The Tennessee Titans appear to be having another really solid draft. I didn't know much about Jurrell Harris Casey when his name popped up on the screen as the Titans third round draft pick, but the more I read about him the more I like him. That seems to be a theme with the first three picks in this draft.

One of our members here sent me this article where Dave Razzano, the man known as the rogue scout, highlights both Jake Locker and Harris Casey. Razzano was a scout in the league for two plus decades and has Super Bowl rings from the 49ers and Rams. Here is what he had to say about Harris Casey:

"There’s a defensive tackle at USC named Jurrell Casey, and he’s the protypical nose [tackle]," Razzano said. "He’s like another Michael Carter, who we got in the fifth round in San Francisco – one of the all-time steals. I see he’s rated as the ninth-best defensive tackle. If they do a [mock] re-draft in a few years, he’ll be a top-seven pick."

"Watch him split the double-team here," Razzano said as Casey burst between the Bears’ center and left guard. "Look at that nasty explosiveness. I’m telling you, it’s [like the Pittsburgh Steelers’] Casey Hampton. He has short-area quickness and enough of a motor to satisfy me. You have to realize, defensive linemen don’t all have great work ethic. That’s why they’re big. But [Jurrell Casey’s] a naturally explosive guy, and they’re hard to find."

Sounds like a guy that is going to be a contributor on the field right away at a position where the Titans were desperate to add some help.