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2011 Titans Draft Picks: Akeem Ayers A Unique SLB

The Titans are very excited that Akeem Ayers was still available with the 39th pick. In fact, the Titans had Ayers graded as a first round pick and didn't think there would be any way he would be available at 39 according to Terry McCormick. Jim Wyatt said that Ayers will be a jack of all trades for the Titans.  He will line down and rush the passer at times, and he has the ability to cover tight ends in space.  Jerry Gray said he will be a SLB unlike what the Titans have had according to Kuharsky.

The biggest plus for Ayers is that he was a playmaker in college.  In his career he forced seven fumbles, had 14 sacks, 6 interceptions and 29.5 tackles for loss.  The Titans linebackers collectively made zero big plays last season.

Jonathan Hutton tweeted that the Titans will probably move Will Witherspoon to middle linebacker with the addition of Ayers.  It would appear that Stephen Tulloch is not in the plans for the 2011 Titans.