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2011 NFL Draft Rounds 2 and 3 Open Thread

I think we will see some movement early in round two. Most people were expecting Andy Dalton to come off the board in the first round. The Bengals are the team that everyone expects to take him, but the question is are the confident that he will be on the board at 35? We will just have to wait and see.

Mike Reinfeldt said in today's press conference with Jake Locker that he doesn't think they will be moving up from 39. That makes sense because there are plenty of guys that will be available that are good players who also fill a need. I am still holding out hope for Da'Quan Bowers, but I don't think he makes it that far.

Use this thread to discuss what goes on leading up to the Titans pick in round 2. I will post a new thread after the Titans pick that can then be used as the open thread.