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2011 NFL Draft Day Two Schedule and Titans Picks

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The second round of the 2011 NFL Draft starts tonight at 5 PM central. I will post another open thread here at 4:30. The Titans have the seventh pick of the 2nd round (39th overall) and the 13th pick in the 3rd round (77th overall). I wouldn't rule out a trade from the Titans tonight considering they have an extra 4th round pick to work with*, and the amount of good defensive talent that is still on the board.

I hope that Da'Quan Bowers falls to Titans at 39 because he would be a steal there. The concern with his knee injury is that he may be a "one contract player" meaning people don't think his knee will hold up more than 4 years. I will gladly give the 39th pick for four years of production from that guy.

I will post tonight's open thread here at 4:30. Don't forget to check back in here at 3 central for updates from Jake Locker's introductory press conference.