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Mel Kiper 2011 2nd Round NFL Mock Draft

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Mel Kiper of ESPN has put out his 2nd round 2011 NFL mock draft (In$ider), and he has the Titans taking Bruce Carter, OLB, UNC. You might remember that I selected Carter in the second round of the SB Nation Blogger mock. As I said about Carter then, he is potentially a great value at this pick. He would have easily been a first round pick were it not for the knee injury he suffered last season.

Here is what Kiper had to say about the pick:

Carter has to play in a 4-3 system, but he should be a starter in this league for a long time.

I guess it is a good thing the Titans play a 4-3.

Again, I think at least the next two picks will be defensive players, and there is a lot of good defensive talent still on the board. This has the potential of being another really solid draft class if the next two picks can come in and make an impact right away.

Here is how Kiper has picks 33-38 going:

33. Brooks Reed, DE, Arizona- Patriots
34. Martez Wilson, LB, Illinois- Bills
35. Andy Dalton, QB, TCU- Bengals
36. Aaron Williams, CB, Texas- Broncos
37. Titus Young, WR, Boise St.- Browns
38. Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame- Cardinals