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Titans First Round Draft Pick Jake Locker: A Must See Video

I have posted a video after the jump of an E:60 piece that ESPN did on Titans first round draft pick Jake Locker.  You might walk away from the video not liking  him as a football player still, but there is no way you won't be rooting for Jake Locker the person.  It is easy to see now why the Titans were so high on him.  Frank Wycheck made the comment on the radio this morning that Mike Munchak likes Locker so much because Munch sees a lot of himself in Locker.  This video makes that all the more clear.

I feel like I have said this a million times since Locker's name was called last night, but this guy isn't going to fail because he doesn't have the desire.  He is going to work harder than anyone else in that building.  It obviously takes more than that to be a successful NFL quarterback, but the attitude with which he is going to approach the game will go along way in making him successful.