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2011 NFL Draft: Quotes from Jake Locker's First Titans Press Conference

The Nashville media got the chance to talk to Jake Locker tonight for the first time. Locker says a lot of the right things, and I think he is going to be a perfect fit in Nashville. I get the impression that Chris Palmer isn't going to have to twist his arm to get started right away.

Here are some highlights from tonight's presser (full transcript here):

(on working on his accuracy)

It is something that I think that all quarterbacks are always working on to improve and I am no different. I think that is part of the game when you complete more passes, you become more successful as a passer and allow your team to have more success. It is something that I will focus on and continue to focus on the rest of my career.

Locker's accuracy issues are his biggest question mark. Hopefully they can be solved with a few tweaks to his throwing motion.

(on his leadership qualities)I think that it is something that I have been surrounded by a lot of good teammates in the past. I’ve had a great supporting cast my whole life. Family and friends have given me a good example of what leadership is and I’ve just tried to do my best to follow suit in that. Learn from what they have taught me and apply it to my life in every situation on and off the field. I look forward to bringing that to the Titans.

The 2010 Titans were desperate for leaders. I think Locker will embrace that role.