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2011 NFL Draft: The Titans Take Jake Locker with the Eighth Pick

Wow. That is about all I know to say here. I was afraid we would take Blaine Gabbert here over a guy like Nick Fairley, but instead the Tennessee Titans reached for Jake Locker with the eighth pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.  Now obviously the Titans had him rated as the highest QB on their board, and they got their guy, but I am very worried about the accuracy issues that he had in college.

By all accounts Locker has all of the things that you look for in an NFL quarterback.  He has a reputation as being a strong leader and a guy that is the first to show up at the facility and the last to leave.  That will be a breath of fresh air after what they experienced with Vince Young.

Locker also has the athleticism to be able to make a play when things break down. 

We have heard for the last week or so that the Titans were very high on Locker.  I guess that wasn't a smokescreen.   Much more on this pick throughout the night.