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ESPN Todd McShay Three Round 2011 NFL Mock Draft

Todd McShay has released his final 2011 NFL mock draft today (In$ider), and he is sticking with the Titans taking Nick Fairley in the first round and Ryan Mallett in the second round. He also gave the Titans Marcus Gilchrist, CB, Clemson in the third round. In this run he only has two quarterbacks going in the first round, but he has four QBs going in the first seven picks of the second round.

McShay's reasoning for the Titans taking Fairley is short and to the point:

Fairley is the best interior pass-rusher in the 2011 class, has tremendous overall upside and fills a major need.

I find it hard to believe that there isn't going to be a quarterback selected in the first round after Blaine Gabbert goes to the 49ers seventh.

Here is McShay's top 7:

1. Cam Newton- Panthers
2. Von Miller- Broncos
3. Marcell Dareus- Bills
4. A.J. Green- Bengals
5. Aldon Smith- Cardinals*
6. Julio Jones- Browns
7. Blaine Gabbert- 49ers

*McShay gave the Cardinals Aldon Smith and the Texans Patrick Peterson because he is predicting the Texans will trade up.

The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft starts at 8 p.m. (ET) on Thursday, April 28th and SB Nation has everything you need to prepare for it - NFL mock drafts, draft projections, scouting reports, the full NFL draft schedule and more. Check it all out at SB Nation's NFL Draft Hub and our NFL Draft blog Mocking the Draft.