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2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Cam Newton and Panthers Have Talked Contract

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Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post just tweeted that he is "hearing strong rumors that the Carolina Panthers have already unofficially outlined contract parameters with Cam Newton camp."  His follow up tweet said that no official deals can be struck at this time, which technically isn't the case, but apparently that is the stance the league is taking.  At this point it seems like a lock that Newton will be the first player taken in tonight's first round of the NFL Draft.

The draft has given us a nice distraction from the mess that the league is in right now, but pretty soon we are not going to have anything else to talk about so we will be forced to get into some of that.  My hope is that the 8th circuit court hears the NFL's argument as soon as possible and sides with Judge Nelson's ruling that the lockout must be lifted.  At this point I think that is the only thing that is going to get the two sides to strike a deal.

Anyway, Cammy to the Panthers.  High risk move for Ron Rivera.