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2011 NFL Draft Start Time, TV Schedule, and Events

The 2011 NFL Draft kicks off tonight in prime time at 7 PM central. It will be televised on ESPN and the NFL Network. I really enjoy watching the draft on TV, but it drives me crazy when they show the player that is about to be picked on the phone before the pick is announced. The second round starts tomorrow night at 5 PM and the fourth round kicks off Saturday morning at 11.

You know there will be a draft open thread here that posts at 6 PM central. My plan is to leave that thread open until the Titans pick. Once the Titans make their pick I will do a post about the pick. We can then use that thread as the open thread until I feel it is time to open a new one.

I would love to hear where everyone will be watching the draft tonight. DonFrancisco and a few other people will be coming over to watch the draft as has been our custom for many drafts in a row. We will be watching the ESPN coverage because I no longer have the NFL Network at my house.

The Titans do host a draft viewing party at LP Field, but I am pretty sure that you have to be a Titans Checking Account holder in order to attend.