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Judge Nelson Denies NFL's Request for a Stay

Judge Susan Nelson has denied the NFL's request for a stay of her ruling Monday that lifted the lockout. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone because there was really no reason for her to reverse the decision she had already made earlier this week. Nelson ruled that the league year must start immediately, but said no team is required to sign free agents according to the ESPN report.

This is just insane. I love it that neither side really has any idea what is going on. That is what they get for not getting this deal done a couple of years ago and avoiding all of this.

The question as it pertains to the Titans here is what day does the league year actually start because they have 10 days from the start of the league year to cut Vince Young or they owe him the $4+ million roster bonus.

The next step here will be for the league to appeal the decision in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. I have no idea what the timetable will be for that appeal to be heard.