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Titans 2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Andy Dalton and the Tennessee Titans

Yesterday we got the report from Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network that the Titans were considering spending the 8th pick in the draft on Andy Dalton. Wes Bunting of the National Football Post said in his chat today that he isn't buying that. I have also heard that the people inside the Titans draft room had a good laugh when they saw that report.

I know Dalton has become a hot name over the last couple of months, but he isn't worth the 8th pick in this draft for the Titans.  I would be all for them making a move to trade down 10-12 picks to take him but not at 8.  That is just my opinion, and SuperHorn wrote an article that will post a little later on why the Titans should take Dalton at 8.

This team has so many needs, and I just don't think they can afford to take Dalton, or any other quarterback for that matter, with the 8th pick.  They needs to build a foundation for the franchise for years to come.  Taking a quarterback with that pick puts all of the eggs in one basket.  Sure it will be the best pick ever if the guy ends up being a star, but if he isn't the Titans will be back in the same spot this time next year.

If they do trade back and pick up and extra second and third, they could pick Dalton and still add quality defensive players in the second and third because this draft has a lot of depth at defensive lineman and a lot of linebackers that have second round(ish) grades.