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2011 NFL Draft: Will the Titans Go Defense or Quarterback in the First Round?

So we got a lot of "news" yesterday about what the Titans might do in the first round of Thursday's NFL Draft. There was the report that the Titans decision makers are split between drafting Nick Fairley and Andy Dalton with the 8th pick. We have also heard that Ruston Webster has an infatuation with Jake Locker. We have also seen a lot of scenarios where Robert Quinn is the Titans first round pick- basically we know less now than we ever have.

I am still holding out hopes that some team will be willing to move up to eight to grab a guy they are in love with and give the Titans a couple of extra picks. Pro Football Talk said this morning that the Atlanta Falcons are looking to move up to get A.J. Green or Julio Jones. Moving from 27 to 8 would be costly. Costly is exactly what the Titans should be looking for because it would give them extra picks to move up later if need be.

All of that being said, we have to get a consensus pick for Jonathan Hutton's Path To The Draft tonight. I have added Andy Dalton to the poll in light of yesterday's news. I will be sending our pick early this afternoon so get your vote in soon.

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