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NFL Lockout: DeMaurice Smith is Charlie Sheen to Roger Goodell's John Cryer

Pardon the recently-outdated comparison, but NFLPA* Executive Director DeMaurice Smith was on Mike and Mike, and he reminded us all who is winning so far in this lockout fight:

"I’m not the commissioner of the National Football League," Smith said. "He’s the commissioner of the league. And we’re in a world where the owners of the National Football League opted out of a contract that was fine. They went to the Supreme Court to try to stick it to the players and they lost. They tried to keep revenue sharing from happening in 2010 and they lost. A judge ruled that they gamed the TV contracts to lock the players out and they lost. And then they lock the players out and took football from our fans, and yesterday they lost."

You have to admit, that he's right: the players have won ever single court decision that's been handed down this off-season, and the owners keep getting pushed further and further into a corner. Still, not matter who is winning in court, it's us fans who are losing every day these two sides do a anything other than make a deal.