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Some Titans Players Plan on Showing Up at Baptist Sports Park Tomorrow

Now that Judge Nelson has ruled that the 2011 NFL Lockout is over, some players are saying they plan on showing up at the facility tomorrow. Rennie Curran tweeted that he plans on going to work tomorrow:

I'm goin to work tommorow. 8am! Who's with me?!

Jake Scott told Jim Wyatt that he plans on being at the facility tomorrow as well:

"We may have a window here where we can get a playbook and meet with some of the new coaches and get some work done,’’ Scott said. "Now I don’t know how much they want to work with us with the draft coming up, so who knows? I just think it would be nice get in and work instead of scrounging around town trying to find places to work out."

It really would be nice if the Titans had a couple of days here where they could at least meet their new coaches, and getting playbooks in their hands couldn't hurt anything either.

Mike Florio said that he has been told the NFL told coaches not to talk to players, but I am not really sure what grounds they would have for enforcing that while there technically isn't a lockout.

The only thing that is for certain in all of this is that we are in uncharted waters. It is going to be interesting to see how all of this plays out.