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Sources: Judge Nelson Rules for Players; Halts NFL Lockout

This hasn't become official yet, but ESPN and numerous others are reporting that Judge Susan Nelson has ruled for the players and ended the NFL Lockout. The NFL will now appeal the ruling in hopes that of getting a stay of Nelson's ruling. This from Chris Mortensen's report at ESPN:

The immediate impact of the ruling on the status of an estimated 500 free agent players and other player transactions is uncertain. If the league does not get the court to stay the ruling pending an appeal, the league will have to open its doors for players. The NFL also will have to decide whether to impose a similar system that has been in place under the previous collective bargaining agreement that expired on March 11.

Neither side has commented yet because the ruling hasn't been officially posted.

If the owners aren't granted an immediate stay then the teams would have to open their doors for the players. That would mean free agency would begin immediately.

(h/t to JustinS for having it in the fanposts here)