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Who will the Titans Pick in the First Round of the 2011 NFL Draft?

Jonathan Hutton of Titans Radio and 104.5 The Zone has been doing a weekly show called Path To The Draft for the last few weeks. The show has been really good. You can listen to the archives here. Hutton sent me a message on Twitter the other day asking if I would give him a consensus pick for the Titans in the first round that he could include this week. The show will air this Wednesday night at 8 central.

I decided the best way for us to get a consensus would just be to put up a poll on the site and let people vote. You should vote for the person you think the Titans will pick- not the player you want them to pick. I will leave the poll open until Wednesday morning at which point I will send the pick to Hutton.

Click through the jump to vote.

I have tried to include everyone that I think is a possibility. Let me know if there is someone I left off.