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SB Nation 2011 NFL Mock Draft

Brian Galliford and Dan Kadar over at have put out a new 2011 NFL mock draft this morning with a new projection for who the Titans will take with the 8th pick in the draft. This week he has the Titans taking Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri. I told Brian this morning that at this point I get excited when I see a mock draft that has the Titans taking someone other than Nick Fairley.

Here is what Galliford had to say about the pick:

8. Tennessee Titans: Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri. It's tough to imagine Gabbert's slide continuing past Tennessee, who may have the biggest need for a QB in the entire league.

It seems that over the last couple of weeks Gabbert's stock has started to slide in the mock draft world. Does that mean anything? Probably not, but each year there is a curve ball or two in the first round so you never know.

I hope Gabbert isn't the pick here because there will be an immediate impact player available while Gabbert is going to be a 1-2 year project at best.

The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft starts at 8 p.m. (ET) on Thursday, April 28th and SB Nation has everything you need to prepare for it - NFL mock drafts, draft projections, scouting reports, the full NFL draft schedule and more. Check it all out at SB Nation's NFL Draft Hub and our NFL Draft blog Mocking the Draft.