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Mel Kiper Thinks the Titans Could Have the First Pick in the 2012 NFL Draft

In the video above, Mel Kiper says that he thinks the Titans could very well end up with the first pick in the draft next year. He says that in a division with Peyton Manning, Matt Schaub and Jacksonville where [David] Garrard is solid (ha!) he could easily see the Titans going 3-13 and staring Andrew Luck in the face. I think that was his case against the Titans taking a quarterback with the 8th pick, but I am not really sure.

There is no doubt this team has a lot of holes, and is in trouble at the quarterback position, but I don't see them being the worst team in the league next year.  I do wonder though what would happen if they took Jake Locker 8th this year and ended up with the first pick next year.  Would they go ahead and take Luck?  Would they trade that pick to pick up a host of future draft picks?  I also can't decide if I want to find out the answer to that question or not.