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MCM Saturday Night Discussion: When will the Titans Make the Playoffs Again?

There is no doubt this team is in rebuilding mode. My question for you tonight is how long will it take them to rebuild? Of course there are a lot of factors at play in this answer. If they hit with a franchise quarterback in this draft we could be looking at a return to the playoffs as soon as 2012 in my opinion, but if they don't it could take a whole lot longer than that.

The last time the Titans were in the playoffs it was on the strength of a really good defense. I don't think we should count on having one of those again anytime soon. Even if they draft Nick Fairley and he turns out to be as dominant as he was last year at Auburn there are still holes at linebacker and in the secondary.

I think with two draft classes similar to the one we saw last year this franchise could be ready to contend again in 2013. That really is the earliest I see it being possible.