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A Look Back at the 2005 NFL Draft That Brought Roos and Stewart to the Titans

2005 draft look back tidbit: #Lions traded up in 2nd round to get Shaun Cody. #Titans drafted LT Mike Roos & RT David Stewart w/ Lions picksless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

That from our friend NewsToTom of Football Outsiders and Total Titans. The Lions traded up from the 41st pick to the 37th pick in order to take Shaun Cody out of USC.  The Titans picked up the 41st pick, which they used to selected Michael Roos and the 113th pick where they selected David Stewart.  Roos and Stewart are very likely to show up on our top 10 list of best Titans draft selections of all time, while Shaun Cody was #6 on Pride of Detroit's top 10 busts of all time.

This is just another great example of the value Mike Munchak brought to the franchise while he was the offensive line coach.  He was able to take 2nd and 4th round tackles and help make them two of the best tackles in the league.