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Tennessee Titans 2011 NFL Draft Rumors

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Jim Wyatt talked to former Vanderbilt and NFL star Corey Chavous, who founded, to talk about what he thinks the Titans are going to do in the upcoming NFL Draft. Chavous said he thinks the Titans should take Robert Quinn in the first round and Andy Dalton in the second round. I have looked at a lot of mock drafts over the past couple of months without seeing many that have the Titans taking Quinn, but that is mostly because most people have him off the board before #8.

Here is what Chavous told Wyatt about Quinn:

"They have to take the best player on the board and I don't think it is going to be a quarterback,'' Chavous said. "So you get a guy like Robert Quinn who has a chance to be a special player, and then get your quarterback next. Having those bookends with Quinn and Morgan, that would excite any team. That's how you build your team."

Keep in mind, as the article mentions, that Chavous correctly picked Derrick Morgan and Rusty Smith before last year's draft.

That combo would definitely strike fear in opposing quarterbacks.  Chavous also said to Wyatt that the Titans might have to move up from 39 to have a shot at Dalton.

Some scouting reports on Quinn after the jump.

Scouting Report from (They have Quinn as the #1 DE available)

Scouting Report from

Bust Potential from MTD