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Todd McShay's NFL Mock Draft

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Todd McShay of ESPN has a new mock draft out today (In$ider) and he still has the Titans taking Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn.  It is interesting here that he has A.J. Green and Julio Jones going in the top six and has Robert Quinn falling all the way to the Texans at 11.  He posted a few scenarios for each team.  Here is what he had to say about the Titans pick:

Scenario 1: Fairley makes the most sense at this point and he has tremendous upside. He's worth the pick from a talent standpoint, but there are legitimate questions about his football character and if the Titans pass that will be the reason.
Scenario 2: Amukamara is worth the pick and would fill one of the Titans' top five needs.
Scenario 3: If Jones were to fall this far Tennessee would consider taking him given Kenny Britt's recent off-field issues, or if he were available it might provide an opportunity to trade back with a team like the St. Louis Rams and perhaps address need at quarterback with someone like Washington's Jake Locker.