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Source: Ryan Mallett Skips Meeting with Panthers

Brad Biggs of the National Football Post is reporting today that he has a source that told him Ryan Mallett skipped a meeting with Carolina Panthers earlier this month.  The source said that Mallett met the Panthers for dinner April 8th but didn't show up for the meeting the next day with the team saying he was sick:

Mallett met team officials for dinner April 8, the day he arrived in town, but meetings the next day at Bank of America Stadium were cancelled after Mallett called and said he was sick, multiple sources told the National Football Post.

Complicating the matter is the fact sources said Mallett was seen out on the town late following the dinner. Off-field questions have followed Mallett every step of the process since he announced he was leaving school in January with eligibility remaining.

Of course Mallet could have actually been sick, but it sure doesn't bode well for him that people saw him "out on the town late" following dinner. That isn't a smart move for a guy that is considered to have all of the skills but questions about how he conducts himself off the field.

Gramsey says it isn't a big deal that he went out and partied the night before this meeting, but to me it shows a lack of judgement that I don't want to see out of my quarterback. I couldn't care less if that guy is a receiver, but we are talking about a quarterback here.

[UPDATE]- Mallett's agent says Mallett was sick.  No reason for him to lie because it isn't like he has any interest in where Mallett gets drafted. 

The Panthers said Mallett did show up for a meeting that morning but said he was sick.  That is the only part of the report to hold any weight, but that still doesn't disprove the first report.