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Peter King 2011 NFL Mock Draft

Sports Illustrated's Peter King put out a mock draft yesterday. He did trades in his mock, which I always think is silly, but I guess it isn't any more silly than trying to predict who an NFL team will take in the draft. For each team he put who he thought they would take and who he though they should take. He has the Titans taking Nick Fairley in the first round, but he says they should take Andy Dalton:

Tennessee was rarely as toothless defensively under Jeff Fisher as it was in his last season, and the lack of interior pressure from the line was a big part of that. Fairley doesn't come without risk, however. He was a one-year wonder at Auburn, and there are questions about how dedicated he'll be. This is too high for Dalton, of course—unless you think he's got a good chance to be the best QB in this draft. Which I do.

He then has the Titans trading back into the first round with New England at 28 and picking Christian Ponder (Andy Dalton went 15th to the Dolphins). He says they should have taken Colin Kaepernick:

The Titans will have thought about pulling the trigger on Locker earlier, and they're very high on Dalton. If the QBs start to fly off the board, I expect Tennessee (not San Francisco) to look into moving up (I have them trading with New England here) for one of the remaining clean-résumé passers. Ryan Mallett? I doubt it. Too much static. This pick allows the Titans to use Kerry Collins in 2011 while grooming a replacement for '12.

It makes me want to throw up to think about the Titans trading with the Patriots, but depending on what they had to give up to get this pick I would be OK with this scenario.