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Titans Get No Prime Time Games on the 2011 Schedule

There seemed to be some noise in the thread where smash posted the Tennessee Titans 2011 schedule about the Titans not getting any prime time games. My question is why would they? The Titans were a bad football team in 2010 and look to be even worse in 2011. The NFL wants to put games on in prime time that will appeal to a national audience. There is really nothing outside of Chris Johnson on the Titans roster that appeals to anyone that isn't a Titans fan. Plus there is the fact that Nashville is a small market so the Titans have to even better than pretty good to get a prime time game.

It is always fun to make predictions when the schedule comes out on what the record will be knowing full well that things will be so much different once the season actually plays out than people think in April. I said on Twitter tonight that I don't see this team winning more than 5 games. I think they could win as few as two and as many as seven.