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2011 NFL Draft: Jon Gruden QB Camp Jake Locker

Here you have the Jon Gruden QB camp with Jake Locker. Locker is one of the swing guys in this draft. Some people have him going as high as 10 to the Redskins while some people have him sliding as far as the second round. If he goes 10 and Ryan Mallett goes 12 to the Vikings, you are going to see a few teams panic and try to get back into the end of the first round.

Gruden makes a good point here to Locker about not taking those hits in the NFL. Locker is a big dude, but he'll be hurt even more in the NFL if he doesn't learn to avoid those hits.

Locker has a lot of upside. The biggest question about Locker is his accuracy, but it seems that most people think a lot of those problems can be fixed with some technique work. Again, I don't like him at 8, but I think he would really be a steal at 39.