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2011 NFL Draft: Jon Gruden QB Camp Andy Dalton

I would dare say that Andy Dalton has become the favorite of the "2nd tier QBs" here at MCM. Dalton won a lot of games in college and should come into the NFL with a lot of confidence after the numbers he put up at TCU.

Gruden takes Dalton to task on a decision he made against Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl where he threw a pick and could have checked down to the running back for about 40 yards but Gruden also calls Dalton was "one of the best decision-makers in college football."

This could all be a smokescreen, but from everything I have been hearing over the past couple of weeks it seems like Dalton will be gone by 39 so if the Titans really want him they are going to have to trade up from 39 to get him- or just go ahead and take him at 8 if they are convinced that he is the guy.